LOS CANTARES ESTATE  – Coffee Producing Paradise.

Los Cantares Estate was originally established in 1929 . It was one of the first coffee producing and exporting farms in the Volcan region of the Chiriqui Province in Panama. It is located in the vicinity of the Volcan Baru National Park. Within the first 200 meters of the estate property runs the Chiriqui Viejo river, which separates the farm on one side from the mainland. This river separation and the 20 hectares of primary forest that surround the plantation, allow for a very special micro climate within the farm. This enables us to produce some of the highest quality coffee in the region. At Los Cantares we make sure that our trees are healthy and well nourished, and every step of the process is taken with the utmost detail; our washed coffee is processed with water from a natural spring!

As part of our social responsibility, we make a strong emphasis in teaching our workers Respect.

Respect for Nature: No hunting, no littering and the recollection and disposal of the garbage which is then taken in the farms car into town and we pay a fee to have it disposed with the local authorities.

Respect for Others and Oneself: Practices like the personal use of water from the aqueduct instead of river water, the importance of hygiene in showers, flushing toilets and well ventilated living quarters in order to preserve a  healthy and productive working environment.

We provide our workers with credit at a local store to help them buy their food from every week. We believe in the importance of creating values, commitment, and working stability which will translate into “acquiring skills”, and we believe in the pride that comes from earning an honest living and the responsibility to family commitment. We also provide our workers with periodical visits by a team of doctors and nurses that are sent by the Ministry of Health to provide them with health care and vaccinations for their young. The permanent workers have all the benefits required by law including public health care and a retirement plan. We also believe in having funds for special lowness with no interest .  We have a population of about 175 heads-of-group during harvest season and 15 to 25  temporary workers for other minor maintenance duties during the rest of the coffee year.


Los Cantares Estate is currently managed by its owner Marie Jackie Mercer Vallarino, and has been exporting coffee internationally for over 20 years.

Our coffee plantation is comprised of 50 hectares, (10,000m= 1 hectare) with a ratio of about 6,600 coffee trees per hectare. At Los Cantares Estate, we are constantly renovating our plantation.

Our coffee varieties include: Arabica Typica, Catuai, Caturra, Bourbon, San Ramon and Geisha. This coffee has been planted in volcanic soil an area that is 1,500 meters above sea level and goes all the way to 1,595meters high.  Los Cantares Traditional is a blend done at harvest. It has very a delicate flavor that goes from almonds chocolate, to citruses jasmine and peach. This coffee is Traditional Washed  and is production is about 3 containers with a score of 87.00 points . We enter all our coffee every year to the Specialty Coffee Associations International Competition. To have the opportunity to have judges cup and grade our work.

Our Geisha is grown at the highest point within the farm: 1,650 meters above sea level, and its first harvest was 2012. These are the same plants that awarded us the 1st Place in the Best of Panama 2012 competition and 2nd place in 2014 with CANTAR DORADO RUISEÑOR – GEISHA NATURAL PROCESS.  Out production for this coffee is very limited. All beans come from the same plants planted in a very small area. The difference between our two Geishas is the process.