Coffee farms located at the district of Boquete, 42 hectares, cultivated of coffee Caturra, Catuai and Geisha.

It is the Third Generation in the family in 1908; The grandparents brought grains of coffee Typica of Santa Fe,  from  Santiago (Province of Veraguas), cultivating the first coffee plants  at  Alto Quiel.

The Geisha are located in 2 hectares, cultivated at 1,800 mts. Over the level of the sea in the area of CAMISETA (very close to the Barú Volcano) and in Alto Jaramillo.

Its process is completely handmade.

Only the beans are  harvested in “ripe cherry (well red)”, it is processed in manual pulper, the washed bean is fermented during the time of 12 to 14 hours. Outbreaks and unwanted beans  are eliminated.

The natural coffee beans are dried over African Beds  exposed to the sun  or lines of racks.



Contact Name: Gonzálo  Rojas (coffee farm owner)


Cellphone #: 507+6675-3224