The Jaramillo Coffee Estate Story

~Women-Owned Family Coffee Estate~


Rooted in

Family, Coffee and Community


The gift of being born into a household of farmers with a rock-solid foundation is a true blessing.

It has been a century of countless summer days and winter nights, since we started our relationship with coffee.

Our family brought into its dynamic the appreciation and respect for the land, the harvest of coffee and what it represented to them, back then; when coffee was the means to support its growing needs, but also, the path to connect with what is truly meaningful, the people of coffee.

An often daunting relationship, which started small has grown and transformed into our legacy, and our day-to-day inspiration to keep moving forward.

As a Women-owned family coffee estate and fourth generation of farmers, we acknowledge the teachings of the ones who came and prepared the land before us, and seek for new opportunities to engage in the always evolving culture of coffee.

“Our coffee carries the stories of the ones whose hands lovingly nourish and harvest the Land.”

Our Coffee, Our Passion

We harvest specialty grade quality, 100% Arabica coffee beans in the widely known village of Boquete, located in Panama.  Our cultivated varietals are: Typica, Caturra and Geisha.

Our seeds are germinated, planted, nourished, maintained and loved in our farms at an elevation of 1,400 – 1,700 masl, where we care for every detail as we continue to understand and grow along our living coffee plantation.


Direct Relationship

We are here to connect and share our full story, reach out to be part of our journey!

Nadeía Guerra


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