Las Delicias Estate Coffee

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1. José Demóstenes Candanedo Castillo. +507 6679 3844.
2. José Ricardo Candanedo Díaz. +507 6442 0226.

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Finca Las Delicias is located at Alto Jaramillo, Boquete, 1500 masl.

There it is three hectares surrounded by sweet lemon and cane plantations, with an excellent mountain microclimate, between 18 and 20 degrees during the day and drops to 15 degrees at night, which is favorable for coffee cultivation.

Farm development began in the 1960’s decade with the arrival of the Sicilia Toledo family, who started agricultural activities including creole coffee planting. In 2011, Jose Demóstenes Candanedo and Sueleny Sicilia resumed the coffee activity making important changes.

Also this year Geisha is introduced as the only Arabica coffee variety cultivated in the farm nowadays and on which we have focused to highlight its fantastic hidden qualities to offer a transcendent, premium and very special product to our customers.

Constantly upgrading our production processes and following high quality controls we have managed to obtain lots with exceptional profiles.

We’ve participated in the last two editions of the Best Of Panama, obtaining in 2019, year of our first participation in competition, 92.25 points with our Natural Geisha, positioning it in 8th place in its category, and 90.78 points with Geisha Washed “Loma Caña” in 2020, placing it in the 13th  place in its category.

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