The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) will celebrate its XXIII Best of Panama this year. The event consists of a competition among the best coffees in Panama.

Since 1996, the Best of Panama represents the opportunity for local estates to promote the quality of their harvests, as this competition is overseen and judged by national and international experts in the specialty coffee industry. For us, coffee growers, the Best of Panama is a very important event, as it continuously raises the bar for the quality we strive to offer in our product.

This year, our Best of Panama 2019 will place in Valle Escondido Resort & Spa on May 22-25th. The event will host more than 17 preliminary local judges, 21 international judges from China, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Bulgaria and Japan and more than 17 International Guest Cuppers from Asia, USA, and Europe.

The date for our online auction 2019 will be announced soon.  

For more info on our Best of Panama 2018 series of events, CLICK HERE