Name of the Estate: Finca Nuevo Colorado, S. A.

Location: Camiseta, Volcán Barú

Tel.: Panamá 507-6966-2691 Stephen Kaczor, Administrator

USA 303-926-6771 Robert McClure, President




At 1800 meters heirloom Bourbon coffee was first planted at this site by the Pinzón family in 1951.  The current team took over in 2012 reinvigorating the farm with organic permaculture practices, creating new seed stock from the heirloom stock, adding drying beds and on site processing. Our new label first entered Best Of Panamá in 2016 and placed in the Naturals Category. Coffee not sold at International auction is either exported to Colorado or processed and roasted in Panamá.

Other additions to Finca Nuevo Colorado include Cafe Geisha, Bambú, Avocado, Macademia, Moringa, and native hardwoods; where we are reforesting an old clear-cut slope of Volcán Barú with Effective Microbes, BioChar, and Compost Tea.

We are making Earth Bricks a Walpini-style tree nursery to grow tree stock for reforesting neighboring farms. We recently built a Rancho Grande to share organic farming and watershed protection systems with local and international students in programs we call Agri-Eco Barú and Watershed Watch Expeditions, in and around National Park Volcán Barú and International Park La Amistad.