Specialty Coffee from Volcancito, Boquete , Republic of Panama.

Name of the Estate:  Finca Cafelandia
Contact:  Virginia Rojas de Pittí
Location:  Volcancito Boquete, Panamá
Cel.  6677-6856

In a beautiful natural plateau, located in the Volcancito area in the Valley of Boquete, we find the Estate Finca Cafelandia.

It is at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level and has a year round temperature of 23C° at noon time and as low as 12C° during the night. It is situated in the slopes of the highest elevation of Panama which is the Baru Volcano (3,475mts). The fertile volcano soil provides the excellent nutrients to grow coffee of its fine varieties that will enrich the connoisseur´s palate.

The farm was established as a self-sustainable “finca” by its founder Mr. Máximo Rojas Arce and his wife Mrs. Corina Rovira in the early years of the 20th century. On the farm, he had sugar cane, a small mill, some dairy cattle, a vegetable garden, and also they grew coffee.

In 1971, the two sister Rojas; Mrs.Virginia Rojas de Pitti and Mrs. Minerva Rojas de Wong, inherited the farm and continued working in the old way.

Changes occurred on the farm in the 1990 decade when the Specialty Coffee movement was introduced in Boquete and the two sisters started to follow it closely.

The 28 hectare farm was changed little by little into a complete coffee plantation. But, in the year 2004, the Geisha Coffee was discovered as a variety that was a complete different cup, it won many prizes around the world and by the year 2006, Mrs. Virginia decided to plant a small portion of the farm with it. She decided not only to go with Geisha but also plant Pacamara that was producing excellent results in the coffee competition “The Best of Panama”.