We are a boutique producer of organic luxury coffee with three small farms in Boquete, Panama.  Our passion is the authentic expression of varietal and terroir through the Art of Geisha.  We embrace the principles of permaculture, organic and biodynamic farming, and our production is 100% free of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.  The cycles of the Earth and Moon guide us through each phase of the journey from seed to cup.  Our practices result in decreased yields compared with traditionally managed farms, but our focus has never been on yields.  The reward comes in the cup, where the unadulterated flavors and vibrant aromas come alive in an unrivaled sensory experience.

Our proprietary process and drying techniques aim to release and accentuate the inherent attributes of the varietal and terroir, without dominating notes of process.  We are constantly innovating our process and drying techniques in order bring out the best qualities of each unique vintage.  At a time when many producers are embracing more extreme process, we maintain our dedication to terroir driven coffee making.  We use only our own wild, naturally occurring yeasts in our fermentations, never manufactured yeasts or any other outside ingredient.  With only two employees, the founder is hands-on in all aspects of coffee making from farming and production, process and drying, roasting and cupping, all the way to the final product.

We view our farms as integrated, whole, living organisms consisting of crops, soil, microorganisms, forest, water, animals, microclimate, as well as the people and the spirit of the place.  We view each farm as a canvass from God, and it is our job to paint the masterpiece.  Each farm has its own unique personality.

Misty Mountain is wild forest Geisha.  Young and wild, playful yet majestic.  Mysterious and silent on the edge of virgin forest, rough hewn from the wild.  Its very unique micro climate is sunny and breezy during the harvest season and enshrouded in mist the other half of the year, creating low yields, intense flavors and delicate aromas.  With the same passion as the founders of Boquete generations ago, we built this farm from scratch, carefully clearing by hand, leaving all large trees while finding the ideal mix of sun and shade and monkey bridges, and planting a mix of bronze and green tip geisha into the virgin soil.  Occupying an elevation of 1550 to 1800 meters in the La India region of Boquete, a primarily south facing slope allows sunshine to filter through the canopy while offering refuge from the pummeling north winds of the dry season.  Carving this farm from the forest has been a long and challenging process, and our efforts were rewarded with our first harvest receiving 6th place in the Geisha Natural category of the 2018 Best of Panama with a score of 92.25, fetching $101/lb at the auction.

Windy Ridge is mature and refined, wise yet exotic.  The green tip geisha has rooted deeply, accessing rich volcanic minerals beneath the soil.  At 1600 meters with a westerly slope directly facing the Baru Volcano in the center of the prized Alto Jaramillo region of Boquete, the farm is bathed in afternoon sunshine injecting uncommon sweetness, exotic tropical flavors and intense jasmine florals into the cherry.  As with old vine wines, the cup is enriched by a depth and complexity that only comes with age.  Year after year our Windy Ridge Geishas place among the top coffees in the Best of Panama, consistently receiving among the highest prices at auction.  In both 2018 and 2019, our Windy Ridge Geishas received the third highest price of the entire auction, and second highest producer with a price of $216 and $318/lb.

Taking advantage of the drier microclimate of the Palmira region of Boquete, Fennario is where all of our coffees are taken directly after harvest for processing and drying.  Providing an excellent cup relative to its elevation, Fennario has been producing organic Caturra and Catuai since we acquired the farm in 2003.  It is also home to the Longboard Lab.

email: producer@longboardcoffees.com
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