The coffee estate is located in the mountains of Boquete, Panama and owned by the Osorio brothers.  The location is unique within La Amistad International Park with altitudes that range between 1500-1650 meters above mean sea level.  Its topography is defined by mountain slopes, humid ground and temperature between 15C to 20C with a delicate balance of shade and sun.  The estate has an extension of 12 hectares.

Blessed with an outstanding micro climate for the production of Arabica coffee as well as personal dedication to the production; our Arabica coffee (SHB)  is of outstanding quality and Finca La Valentina focuses on specialties micro lots.  Our arabica “Geisha AriStar” is a washed coffee with a cupping score of 91-93 points.  It yields a clean cup with high acidity, floral citrus fragance, fruity aroma, sweet chocolate berries flavor (1th place Best of Panama 2011).  Our arabica “Catuai Valentina” (is a washed coffee with a cupping score of 86-87 points. It yields a clean round cup, with high acidity and strong chocolate and caramel notes.  In 2012, we introduced our first micro lots of natural processed coffees selecting Arabica geisha, catuai and typical varietals obtaining excellent results.


Mr. Benjamin Osorio Baxter
Mobile: +507-6616-6304

Mr. Efrain Osorio Baxter

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