Farm Name: 
Kalithea Coffee Estate

Dr. Constantino Costarangos
Cel. +507 6781-5319

Lic. Fotis Papadikis
Cel. +507 6614-3894

Location: Silla de Pando, Volcán, Chiriquí. Rep. de Panamá

Instagram – kalitheacoffee

Kalithea Coffee Estate is located in Silla De Pando, Volcan, Chiriqui.

The name Kalithea, derives from the Greek word, meaning “beautiful view from the mountain”.

At 1,753 meters (5,752ft) above sea level with an astonishing view of both Panama and Costa Rica. The 125 acres plantation produces several high altitude specialty coffee varieties, including Geisha, Pacamara and Caturra. In addition, our coffee plants are surround by natural tropical forest,  Persian Lemons and other citric fruits. For its exceptional flavor and quality of beans, Kalithea is one of the leading and most promising coffee plantations in Panama.

In 2015, our Caturra, won first prize in the best of Panama (BOP) competition, for Traditional Washed.

We have continued to participate and qualify for BOP over the years with our Geisha Coffee.