La Milagrosa Coffee Farm

Cafetales Don Alfredo

We are located at North West of Panama, near to the Mountain Range and the Volcano Baru, on the District of Boquete Province of Chiriquí. This place is known because its touristic places and the production of the high land coffees, our plantation is approximately at 1500 meters above the level of the sea.

Our coffee is attended with great care following the familiar customs that for generations have been dedicated 100% to the culture and production of coffee in the District of Boquete. Boquete is a region known for its tourist attractions and high quality gourmet coffee production.

The Kinds of coffee that we plant in  La Milagrosa Coffee  Farm  are all from Arabic species; in other word, we plant species like Typica, Geisha, Catuay, Pache and Mundo Novo.

Finca. La. Milagrosa