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Andreina Castillo

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Finca Castelara
Alto Jaramillo, Boquete
Chiriquí, Panamá
Family Owned Coffee

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Finca Castelara is a family owned company that produces specialty coffee in the beautiful highlands of Boquete since 1960.

The new generation of the Castillo family, Carlos Santiago Castillo and his wife Ana Isabel Arauz Guardia, along with the third generation Ana Isabel, Andreina and Carlos Jr. are devoted to producing the best quality in specialty coffee since 1994. We take pride to produce coffee with the highest standards taking care of every detail of our coffee plants, each process we choose, the environment, and our family of collaborators.

The new generation has joined the management of the farm with new ideas and processes that have taken our coffee to international auctions with awards and record prices in the sale of coffee. Our geisha has been awarded as one of the best in the world in national and international competitions, and today almost all of the production is exported to buyers in Europe and Asia.


Its privileged location at a height between 1600 and 1800 meters above sea level; with breathtaking views overlooking the Baru Volcano, makes this place a sanctuary with a microclimate ideal for our coffee trees, exotic plants, birds including the famous Quetzal, and other endangered birds and animals.

We also have two water springs, which are the main source of water for our coffee estate.


We produce high quality Geisha, Catuai and Pacamara with different processes such as natural, washed, honey, and anaerobic slow dry.

Our coffee has natural notes of complex aromatic profiles including Caramel, Orange, Almonds, Chocolate, Jazmin, and we strive to always produce a well balanced and clean cup.

Castelara has its own greenhouse and cupping room. In our greenhouse we preserve coffee tree genetics to  maintain a young plantation. In our cupping room that we like to call “The Lab”, we taste coffee for quality control and are pleased to receive guests to share the experience of tasting the different varieties and processes


We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and respectful social work environment. We strive to produce quality coffee, with the use of good agricultural practices respectful of the land and the people that makes it possible to produce our great coffee. Our teams work with non-renewable energy (propane gas), which is a clean medium that does not cause pollution to the environment.We elaborate our own organic coffee pulp, in order to support the soil and, stimulating the micro and meso biological life of the soil. For us it is of great importance, the care of non-renewable resources such as water and soil to which we give an effective use.

By helping our collaborators, who are also artisans, to develop and refine their skills, design and create innovative products that we offer here, we also expand their economic opportunities. This, together with the support programs we offer to the indigenous people and their families, translates into benefits for the improvement in the quality of their life.

We are Cafe Castelara and it’s a pleasure to meet you!