(Garrido’s Coffee & Estates)

we are a tamiv-run business that specializes in cottee. and we have committed tamiv members and collaborators who meticulously manage all aspects of operations including administration, farming, varietals, processing, and more. Our collective efforts are aimed at presenting you with a product that’s infused with affection and meticulous attention. Garrido’s origins can be traced back to 1959, when our visionary founder, Teodoro Garrido, embarked on a mission to create top-notch coffee in the Boquete region.

This geographical area has been identified by experts as Ideal for cultivating premium coffee beans, thanks to its climate and soil enriched with volcanic minerals. Our commitment lies in employing time-honored farming techniques, which encompass practices like utilizing natural spring water for our meticulous washing process, ensuring an immaculate cup of coffee.

For further information on sales, visits, tastings, and more, please contact:

Gissell Garrido: +507 6612-6811
Liliana Garrido: +507 6252-6333
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All our coffees are meticulously hand-picked and primarily undergo a fully washed wet processing method, although we also offer natural and other processing options. For drying our specialty coffee is typically dried on African beds and patios, while our coffee blend from various farms undergoes a combination of sun and mechanical drum drying. We ensure the highest quality standards through intensive quality control.
For further information on sales, visits, tastings, and more, please contact us at


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