Location: Volcancito Arriba, Boquete Province of Chiriquí Republic of Panamá.

Contact: Eduardo C. Urriola Real.

Cellular: (507) 6613-2714.



Farm acquired in 1990 and converted from agricultural activities such as carrots, coffee, lettuce etc. to Arabian coffee mainly Caturra and Catuay. In 2010 the Geisha coffee was introduced in small amount to increase the variety of coffee produced. Using a similar concept this year we will be planting Capamara coffee.

The Estate is compose of two farms, Café Rita Isabel, S. A. and Café Isabela acquired later fully planted with Caturra coffee.

Coffee is planted in a density of 4,000 plants per hectare. This past year 2016 we broke our record producing more than 36,000 latas in 20 hectare that is consider an excellent production. As mentioned above it was our record, our average is less than that.

The soil is the regular volcanic soil found in the Volcan Baru area, in the province of Chiriquí.

The altitude runs from 1,570 meters above sea level to 1,790 meters.

The coffee is mostly sold to Empresas Pascual with the exception of a small amount processed for competition to ensure that we are keeping the proper coffee quality.

Chemicals denominated as Green Label are mostly used.

As most of the coffee farms in the area our employees are native Ngobe Bugle, from the high land of Bocas Del Toro.

We make efforts to keep their children out of the farm, to help us on this action we have a Casa Esperanza teacher in our school giving the kids orientation and providing some nutrition meals to them.

Every year we have a welcome party around the end of the year with special activities for the children and their parents. We bring clowns that entertain them for almost a full day.

Our Permanent collaborators receive a yearend bonus base on coffee production. In order to help them with their expenses our company covers 100% of the social security expenses, this is an indirect salary increase.

The premises are made of cement with quarters properly maintained for permanent employees and coffee pickers.

Our effort are to maintain an adequate labor environment, respecting all laws and high effort of ecofriendly.