Our History

Since 1960, the Gallardo family farms produce Typica, Caturra and Catuai coffee varieties at lower elevations, until 2006, when Mr. José Manuel Gallardo Araúz saw the potential of Finca Nuguo and the success of Geisha variety, and started growing Geisha. Nowadays Café Gallardo is one of the largest coffee growers in Panama.


The process

Café Gallardo is processed at La Santa processing Plant using pulping machines, guardiola drying, milling machines, densimetric table, and color sorting equipment. An exception of this process is Nuguo’s coffee, which is processed at the farm. For washed coffee fermentation process for washed coffee takes 40 hours in wooden boxes. Washing is done by hand through steering the coffee seeds until it feels rough. For fermented naturals fermentation occurs in plastic bags or tanks during variated periods around 3 days to 16 days at temperatures from 16 celsius to 30 celsius. Nuguo coffee are sundried in farm for approximately 1 to 3 weeks and then drying finish in a control environment room for around 2 months at an average of 25 celsius and 55% relative humidity.

The Farms

Café Gallardo includes farms with traditional varieties managed by the Gallardo family. The farms and the average altitudes of its coffee production are: La Santa (1000 m), Zambrano (1100 m), Guisado (1200m), Santa Clara (1350 m), and Nuguo (1850m). Nuguo is specifically in the area of Jurutungo, in Renacimiento, Chiriquí, nestled by nature near the largest natural rainforest reserve in Central América -La Amistad International Park. Its location and environment are very challenging for the coffee plants, with low temperatures at night, lots of wind and high humidity and rainfall intensity. We process our washed, honey and natural coffee paying attention of relative humidity and temperature to aim for the highest quality.


Our Specialty Coffee

We take thorough care of the coffee plants, especially of its nutrition, till the harvest time. We pick perfectly ripe coffee cherries, and then we process our coffee doing our best effort to obtain the highest quality cup we can.

Notes: Jasmine, Apple, Lychee, Raspberry, Sugarcane, Orange blossom, Grapefruit, Chocolate, Sweet, Floral, Bright, Citrus, Fruity, Juicy, Tealike.

Our special coffee has been awarded at the Best Of Panama in several years since 2015 and have been used by baristas in the final of world barista competition. At Café Gallardo we aim our dedication and passion for innovation towards the preservation of Nuguo Geisha uniqueness in a way that you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee, and also we are implementing special processes in lower altitude farms to increase the cup quality as an effort to support the sustainability of the Panamanian coffee industry.


Contact Us

Renacimiento, Chiriquí, Panamá

Instagram: @cafegallardo