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Boquete, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama

Telephone: 507 66148556


At the end of the 1940s, in the District of Boquete at a region known as El Salto which is located near the top of the Baru Volcano, the highest mountain in Panama; the coffee tradition of our parents, Vidal Suarez and Eira Gutierrez de Suarez, was born.

Our parents eagerly worked and cultivated the land with their own hands at their first coffee plantation known as Camiseta.  This farm was located at 1700 mts above sea level and planted with the typica variety. When the farm was in full production, our parents always with great vision started buying the neighboring properties and others offered to them in different areas in Boquete; therefore, they became one of the 5 major producers of coffee in the area.

Nowadays, after 70 years and with a lot of pride and respect for their legacy, two of their six children (Carlos and Laura Suarez) decided to jointly continue this tradition and formed the enterprise of Grupo Vicala; this company has three farms and estates named in the same way.

Camiseta –Los Limones and Doña Eira are located at places with an altitude which range from 1500 to 1780 mts above sea level and a temperature between 13 and 22 degree celcius at El Salto area,  there we keep the Typica, Yellow Catuai, Bourbon Pointu (Laurina) and Geisha varieties offering the wash and natural processes.

Our goal is to develop and innovate in the coffee market to give our customers the best cup quality and to make sure that every sip of our coffee is a delight to the palate.