Finca Irma

Mundo Novo

Contact: Gabriel R. de Dianous

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U.S. 863-605-1565



Finca Irma is located in Volcancito, Boquete’ in Chiriqui Provence.  Our farm is at an altitude of 1450-1525 meters.  The volcanic soil and optimal climate produces superior quality coffee.

Gabriel de Dianous Jr. bought 24 hectares in 1980 which is now Finca Irma and was built from the ground up.  Geisha trees were planted on the farm in 2012.

Our farm is a third generation family owned.  Gabriel de Dianous Sr. arrived in Boquete’ in 1914 and established the first coffee farm.  The de Dianous family continues in the coffee business in Boquete to this day.

Our coffee varieties are:

  • Mundo Novo
  • Catuai
  • Bourbon
  • Geisha
  • Caturra

All of our coffee is handpicked with a special crew picking the Geisha beans.  The Geisha beans are processed through a sun-dried natural and a sun-dried wash.  This currying process ensures a unique flavor.