Producer: Mario Lezcano
Contact: Diego Lezcano


The Lezcano family, represent 5 Generations of coffee producers since 1947, in Renacimiento, Santa Clara.

Santos Café Panamá, has an extension of 55 hectares plantations blended in a volcanic soil and native shadow that goes from 1,100masl up to 1,400masl; in this land we grow a blend of caturra and catui as the 80% of our production. In the lot of La Mimada, we have Pacamara, Caturra, Yellow Bourbon and Geisha and you could encounter temperatures that goes bellow 13ºC, this farm is highly helped by wide grown shade, investing on our temperature variations, more sweet and bright cup.

We process all beans from La Mimada in african beds, under the sun with a slow dry that takes 20 to 28 days. Process varies from Wash, Honey, Natural and extended fermentation.

In order to handcraft the cup you will be tasting from Santos, we have a team of professional, our Grandfather and our strong associate’s team who assist us on the care and manual recollection of our wonderful beans! And very important, always learning from our clients and friends that surround us!