Location: Los Pozos, Silla Pando, Tierras Altas Province of Chiriquí Republic of Panamá.
Contact: Fernando Berroa Jované / Ricardo Berroa Jované.
Cellular: (507)6379-9106 – (507) 6617-6431

In 1940, Don Fernando Berroa acquired the Valle Verde Farm in the community of Volcán, which is now the Tierras Altas district, specifically in Silla Pando, dedicating himself to livestock in the beginning.

In 1950, he ventured into the cultivation of coffee with the Arabian variety, allowing him to be partner, at that time, with Princesa Janca coffee. Don Fernando continued with the coffee production until 1968, when the plantation suffered a fire that destroyed it entirety, causing interruption of the coffee growing.

Mr. Adán Berroa García, son of Don Fernando Berroa, obtained part of the Valle Verde Farm, maintaining the activity of breeding and fattening cattle, following a tradition of more than 50 years, but without forgetting the coffee-growing vocation of his land.

In 2014, Mr. Adán Berroa García along with his sons Fernando Berroa Jované and Ricardo Berroa Jované, decided to venture into the coffee plantation, taking advantage of the natural characteristics of the farm, whose altitude reaches more than 1,700 meters above sea ​​level, within a privileged regional area for the cultivation of specialty coffees; motivated by the Geisha variety, which has stood out as one of the most exclusive varieties in the world.

At present, the production is 100% of the Geisha variety, Berroas Café, is achieving good results in cupping, marking aromas of sweet spicy, floral, fruity, citric flavors, lemon, cherry, sugar cane, vanilla, a sweetness of red fruits.

For the future, we are projecting the production of the Pacamara variety and others, that are also captivating the most demanding taste. Our goal is to produce these  coffee varieties, which, due to their noble quality makes Panama one of the best producers of specialty coffees in the world and in this way, the Berroa Jované family seeks to contribute with crops of best quality, in  the Panamanian Coffee production, that is highly renowned.