Finca Panda Coffee Farm & Casitas:  Finca Panda is a mature, boutique coffee farm located at 1,490-1,580 masl in Volcancito Arriba, Boquete.  The farms history is mostly unknown but was originally used to grow and process sugarcane.  In 1982 the first coffee trees were planted and over the next decade, coffee became the primary crop on the farm with a variety of fruit and avocado trees scattered throughout the property.   In 2019, David and Suzanne Smith purchased the Finca Panda and began developing a project they dreamed up while owning and operating a small eco adventure resort (Casa Cayuco) on Isla Bastimentos in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  The vision for Finca Panda going forward is a fully operating, specialty coffee farm merged with a private, luxury casita hotel.  We hope to offer discerning travelers and coffee enthusiasts an unparalleled “agritourism” experience focused on great coffee, architecture, comfortable accommodations and all the natural beauty and attractions the Boquete highlands have to offer.  Our location is also well situated for guests to use Finca Panda as a base to explore all the larger, well-known SCAP member farms in Chiriqui who are attracting coffee travelers from all over the world.  Currently, our farm consists of mostly mature caturra but in 2021, a section of the farm has been dedicated to geisha and pacamara.  We grow, harvest, dry and roast all our coffee on site using traditional methods.
Instagram: @fincapanda