Flying Pumas

Location: Los Pozos, Silla de Pando, Volcán, Chiriquí.

Near the top of the ridge that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean, at an elevation range of 1650-2200 meters, lies Flying Pumas. This 178-hectare project hosts 60 hectares of specialty coffee grown under regenerative agriculture practices and 118 hectares of untouched forest.

Bordering the International Amistad Park, this forest is home to Pumas, Jaguars, Ocelots, Jaguarundi, and other spectacular animals that make this a magical place. Walking near these parts of the farm makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. It is in honor to these big cats that we call ourselves Flying Pumas.

Terroir and coffee:
Geisha is the most common variety among our coffee trees. We also have other arabica coffee trees like Pacas, Sidra, Typica, Borbon, SL 28 and
Catuai. This mix creates a healthy diversity of coffees for the environment and a wide range of varieties for our customers.

We started planting coffee trees in 2019 and, in 2023, these young trees are starting to shine. We attribute this to the ideal mix of volcanic soil, native shade trees, solar radiation, and cool temperatures. Our use of biochar and in-farm supplies helps us sequester carbon from the atmosphere while nurturing our coffee trees. Planting native trees along our coffee trees has helped us increase shade, enrich our soils, and promote biodiversity in areas of the farm which were once pasture.

We are extremely lucky to collaborate with local Ngobe-Bugle people who help us plant, prune, fertilize, and harvest our coffee trees.
We are really happy with our first harvest, as we have seen our entire team’s hard work translated into a wonderful cup.
Flying Pumas has partners in common with Creativa Coffee District in Panama and La Palma y El Tucan in Colombia.

Visiting the farm:
We invite all specialty coffee buyers, roasters and consumers to try our coffee and join us in this crazy caffeinated adventure.
Flying Pumas hosts the biggest natural hot spring in the Volcan region and borders one of the principal water bodies in the region too: Rio Colorado.

Come prepared to enjoy a top specialty coffee farm while feeling the energy of the big cats near you.

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Alvaro Sosa
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