Welcome to the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama official website. Here you begin a journey to discover Panama's Special Coffees.

The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) in a non-profit organization created to promote Panama’s special coffee production in the world. Our members share a passion for coffee and a strong commitment with the pursue of ultimate quality.

Our coffees have been ranked by experts as some of the best in the world in many international competitions, and our production is highly prized by the most demanding and discerning in the industry.

The parallel between specialty coffee and wine is often drawn to illustrate coffee’s complexity and how nuanced variables from terroir to roasting curve influence the final flavour. The parallel also applies to the establishment of branding. Today’s coffee farms are building the kind of name recognition vineyards use to sell premiere vintages of wine.

Our farms are located in the Highlands of Chiriqui, Panama, near the border with Costa Rica and at a 7 hours drive from Panama City and its Canal. Chiriqui is one of the most productive provinces in Panama because of its climate and fertile soil and is considered the breadbasket of Panama.

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Our heartfelt thanks to the sponsors on our BoP 2018!

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Panama Barista Championship official machine. For more details follow @scepanama

Best of Panama 1998. Linda Smithers was the Head Judge

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The town of Boquete, were some of the best coffees in the world are grown

We are proud to announce our most successful auction ever. The avg price was $91.95/lb, today the market price for coffee is $1.11/lb. also as we all know the top 2 places broke the all time records at $803/lb and $661/lb both Elida Geisha Natural and Washed respectively. And, another record broken by Hacienda La Esmeralda with the highest ever price for Traditional Category with $100/lb for Esmeralda Traditional Washed.

$803/lb Elida Geisha Natural. NEW RECORD!!

Empresario de cafe exitoso de nacionalidad Taiwanes Mr. Wang Hsin Chun, comenzó hace 8 años con una pequeña cafeteria en la cuidad de Taichung, Taiwan que se llama Oklao Specialty Coffee. Él con la pasión inmensa hacia el café quiso buscar cada vez mejores cafés del mundo para compartir con sus amigos y clientes. Esa pasión por el café lo llevó hasta el mejor lugar para cafés de especialidad en Chiriquí Panama, donde encontró estos exquisitos sabores exóticos que nos ofrece el café geisha!

Este empresario en el dia de hoy tiene una franquicia de más de 30 cafeterias en Taiwan y ofrece una muy amplia selección de cafés del mundo entero. Muchos clientes dicen que ir a Oklao Specialty Coffee es como entrar y recorrer el mundo entero en donde puedes probar diferentes cafes exóticos de diferentes regiones. La cafeteria ofrece más de 40 diferentes cafes desde lo más económicos del país hasta el café más exótico y la más cotizada mundialmente que uno se podrá encontrar tal como lo es el café geisha de la familia Lamastus Family Estates en la region de Boquete, de la cual el empresario Taiwanes lo compro en la subasta del Best of Panama 2018 por un valor record de $803 la libra de la finca Elida Estate de Alto Quiel, Boquete que pertenece a la familia Lamastus hace 100 años.

Elida Geisha Natural Breaks the RECORD $803/lb