Welcome to the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama official website. Here you begin a journey to discover Panama's Special Coffees.

The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) in a non-profit organization created to promote Panama’s special coffee production in the world. Our members share a passion for coffee and a strong commitment with the pursue of ultimate quality.

Our coffees have been ranked by experts as some of the best in the world in many international competitions, and our production is highly prized by the most demanding and discerning in the industry.

The parallel between specialty coffee and wine is often drawn to illustrate coffee’s complexity and how nuanced variables from terroir to roasting curve influence the final flavour. The parallel also applies to the establishment of branding. Today’s coffee farms are building the kind of name recognition vineyards use to sell premiere vintages of wine.

Our farms are located in the Highlands of Chiriqui, Panama, near the border with Costa Rica and at a 7 hours drive from Panama City and its Canal. Chiriqui is one of the most productive provinces in Panama because of its climate and fertile soil and is considered the breadbasket of Panama.

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Our heartfelt thanks to the sponsors on our BoP 2018!

News Feed from Facebook

To grind the best coffees in Panama, we need the best tools. Thanks to @mahlkonigusa for their sponsorship in the #BestofPanama2018

Every year we try to improve in order to showcase the best coffees in Panama, water is extremely important. This year we received a sponsorship from Bonavita in China. Now we have better control of water temperature and water flow. #BestofPanama2018

1st Round #BestofPanama2018 @ Valle Escondido Resort, Golf & Spa.

Pre-eliminatory Judges (Aka National Judges).
📸: @serialroaster, @nextpanama, @coffeetologist.

The group of judges that scored the Pre-eliminatory round of #BestOfPanama2018 is conformed by: Victoria Koyner (Kotowa Coffee), Jose “Pocho” Gallardo (Finca Nuguo), Wilford Lamastus (Lamastus Family Estates), Rachel Peterson (Hacienda La Esmeralda), Justin Boudeman (Longboard Specialty Coffee), Cesar Arauz (Las Brumas), Maritza Lizondro (Casa Ruiz), Ricardo Koyner (Kotowa Coffee), Daniel Peterson (Hacienda La Esmeralda), Moises Montezuma (Finca Lerida), Jose David Garrido (Mama Cata), Wilford Lamastus Jr (Lamastus Family Estates and Bajareque Coffee House). @ Valle Escondido Resort, Golf & Spa.

National judges that are judging for at least 3 years in order to select those coffees that will qualify for the semi-final found #bestofpanama2018 @ Valle Escondido Resort, Golf & Spa.

“The Next Generation”
📸: @serialroaster
Victoria Koyner is the daughter of Ricardo Koyner, founding member and two-time President of SCAP. Victoria is following her father’s steps by continuing the family legacy in Kotowa Coffee Farms and also volunteering in SCAP as a Pre-eliminatory Judge for the first time, after completing satisfactory the pre-judges program in last year’s BoP . #BestofPanama2018

Deliberation! Last day of Pre-eliminatory round #BestOfPanama2018

Last day of Pre-eliminatory round @mahlkonigusa
📸: @coffeetologist

📸: @coffeetologist & @serialroaster
New Generation of Pre-eliminatory Judges for #BestOfPanama2018
Victoria Koyner, Wilford Lamastus Jr, Jose Gallardo & Justin Boudeman.

After completing the Pre-Judges program last year, all the scores were analyzed by 6 different statistical criteria and they were able to qualify and become Pre-eliminatory judges with the responsibility of scoring the first round of #BestofPanama2018 @ Valle Escondido Resort, Golf & Spa.