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In these challenging times, it is important to maintain our time-honoured traditions. Thanks to a coordinated effort with our National and International Jury, the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama is pleased to announce the conclusion of our 26th Best of Panama. 

Our National Cupping Competition took place from July 25th to 30th, 2022. Our International Cupping Competition was celebrated from August the 1st to the 6th. Finally, our annual eAuction took place on October 6th,-7th 2022. Please click here to register for our online auction.

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The Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama

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The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) in a non-profit organization created to promote Panama’s special coffee production in the world. Our members share a passion for coffee and a strong commitment with the pursue of ultimate quality.

Our coffees have been ranked by experts as some of the best in the world in many international competitions, and our production is highly prized by the most demanding and discerning in the industry.

The parallel between specialty coffee and wine is often drawn to illustrate coffee’s complexity and how nuanced variables from terroir to roasting curve influence the final flavour. The parallel also applies to the establishment of branding. Today’s coffee farms are building the kind of name recognition vineyards use to sell premiere vintages of wine.

Our farms are located in the Highlands of Chiriqui, Panama, near the border with Costa Rica and at a 7 hours drive from Panama City and its Canal. Chiriqui is one of the most productive provinces in Panama because of its climate and fertile soil and is considered the breadbasket of Panama.

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