Longboard Specialty Coffee is a micro-producer of ultra-specialty coffee with three farms in Boquete, Panama.  We are dedicated to bringing the finest in hand made artisan coffee direct from our farms to the discerning palates of our valued customers.  Over the years we have developed our own unique approach to growing and processing coffee, with a focus on producing the finest cup while employing a hands-on, un-mechanized, chemical free process.


Unique Process. 

At Longboard, nature rules.  Everything is done by hand.  All of our lots are dried by the sun.  Our farms are managed free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.  The result:  superior representation of the unique, natural characteristics of the varietals planted into the diverse microclimates and rich, unadulterated soils of our farms.

Longboard Farms:


Elevation: 1100 mt

Area:  Under 1 hectare

Region:  Palmira, Boquete

Varietals:  Caturra, Catuai

Orientation:  Relatively flat, slight easterly slope

Acquired in 2003, Fennario was our introduction to coffee production.  Instantly converted to organic production and run as a “serious” hobby for the first several years, this small holding has transformed into a permaculture homestead producing not only an excellent coffee relative to it’s elevation, but an excess of organic produce including lemons, limes, juice and navel oranges, bananas, plantains, yucca, and other tropical tubers, all of which provide a symbiotic combination of shade, nutrients, and wind protection for the coffee as well as habitat for bird and wildlife.  Chickens are allowed to range freely beneath the coffee, helping to control insects while adding nutrients to the soil and providing eggs and meat to the homestead.  As we expand, Fennario continues to be the model for our newer, high elevation farms.  With its dryer, sunnier micro climate, Fennario is where all of our coffees are brought daily to be hand-processed, dried, and stored.  From the balcony at Fennario the view extends across the lush Boquete valley to the majestic mountains of Jaramillo directly onto our other farms, so we can keep a watchful eye on the conditions up there.


Windy Ridge

Elevation: 1500mt

Area:  3 Hectares

Region:  Alto Jaramillo, Boquete

Varietals:  Geisha, Catuai, Typica

Orientation:  West facing with a combination of flat, gently sloping, and steeper areas.


Smack dab in the middle of Boquete’s premier growing region, Windy Ridge is home to our award winning Geishas and fabulous traditional, “Tipicatuai”, with our Geisha Natural receiving a final score of 90.6 points in the 2016 Best of Panama and qualifying for auction in 2015 as well, placing in the top 16 at the Best of Panama.  This wonderful coffee exhibits a delicate Geisha nose with bright citrus acidity, honey body with big tropical fruit florals.  With a spectacular sunset view of the Baru Volcano, the coffee is bathed in golden afternoon light, and when the sun sets over the volcano, the temperature drops quickly with cold nights.


Misty Mountain

Elevation:  1500-1700 mt

Area:  12 Hectares

Region:  La India, Boquete

Varietals:  Geisha, Pache, Pacamara

Orientation:  Primarily south facing with some west with a combination of flat and gently sloping terrain.


With a kilometer long private drive rising steeply through lush cloud forest, just getting to Misty Mountain is a 4WD adventure.  Once there the senses are overpowered with towering trees and majestic views of the Pacific Ocean or the Baru Volcano at every turn.  The howl of monkey and call of bird immediately let you know you are in a wild place.  We have built this farm from scratch, toiling for four years, carefully clearing lots by hand, leaving all large trees finding the correct mix of sun and shade and planting the virgin soil with green tip Geisha grown on our nursery at Fennario.  With about four hectares currently planted, it has been a very challenging and rewarding process that is ongoing as we continue to expand the plantation by 2000-3000 plants per year.  We are finally beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labor as we cup the young Geisha- what a joy!  The south facing orientation of the farm allows for several interesting conditions to develop.  During the dry season, the coffee is not directly pummeled by the north wind.  When not enshrouded in mist, the southerly exposure gently warms the air earlier in the day.  In the afternoons the temperature drops quickly and nights get very cold, in the low 50s Fahrenheit.


A passion for surfing led me to fall in love with the magical beaches and enchanting mountains of Panama over twenty years ago.  A passion for coffee has kept me here.  Come enjoy the passion with us.  Longboard Specialty Coffee…  “Stoke in a cup.”

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