We are a micro-producer of luxury coffee with three small farms in Boquete, Panama.  Geisha coffee is our passion, and we are dedicated to producing the finest product for the discerning palates of coffee lovers around the world.  Over the years we have developed our own unique approach to growing and processing coffee, with a focus on producing the finest possible cup while employing a hands-on, un-mechanized, chemical free process in harmony with nature.  With the same passion as the great wine producers of Burgundy and beyond, it is our ultimate goal to perfect the Art of Geisha.

Unique Process. 

At Longboard, nature rules.  Since our ultimate goal is cup quality, our focus is not on production yields.  We produce quality, not quantity.  Everything is done by hand with fanatical attention to detail.  Cherries are harvested at peak ripeness, with an average of over thirty meticulous harvests per farm each season.  Often, our harvesters will work a full 8 hours to select 1 lata of perfect cherry.  All of our lots are sun dried only and turned by hand (not rakes or shovels) three times per day.  Our farms are managed free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides, and in harmony with the natural cycles of the earth, moon and sun.
The owner acts as farm manager, production and process manager, roaster, cupper, carpenter, driver, and personally hand prunes each farm several times per year.  We embrace harmony between the best in traditional methods and the endless potential of innovation.  The result: superior expression of the unique characteristics of the varietals planted into the diverse microclimates and rich, unadulterated terroir of our farms. 

Longboard Farms

Embracing the principles of permaculture and biodynamics, we view our farms as integrated, whole, living organisms.  This organism consists of crops, soil, forest, water, animals, compost, and people as well as the spirit of the place.  We view each farm as a canvas from God, and it is our job to paint the masterpiece.  Each farm has its own unique personality. 

Misty Mountain is young and wild, playful yet majestic.  It is a mysterious and silent place on the edge of virgin forest, rough hewn from the wilderness.  Its unique microclimate is sunny and breezy half the year and enshrouded in mist the other half.  Isolated from other farms and accessed by four wheel drive via a kilometer long private drive that rises abruptly through lush cloud forest, just getting there is an adventure.  With the same passion as the founders of Boquete generations ago, we built this farm from scratch, carefully clearing by hand leaving all large trees, finding the ideal mix of sun and shade and monkey bridges, planting a mix of green and bronze tip Geisha into the virgin soil.  
It is truly remarkable how content the Geisha is to be there- not necessarily the case with some of the other varietals.  Occupying an elevation between 1550 and 1800 meters in the La India region of Boquete, a primarily south facing orientation allows for morning sun to filter through the forest while offering protection from the pummeling north wind of the dry season.  Our Geisha has found a happy home at Misty Mountain.  Carving this farm from the jungle has been a long and challenging process, and our efforts were rewarded with a 6th Place finish in the Geisha Natural category at the 2018 Best of Panama with an overall score of 92.25 pts.  The coffee went on to fetch $101/lb at the auction, being snapped up by Will Young of Campos Coffee, who presided over the 2018 Best of Panama as head judge.

If Misty Mountain is young and wild, Windy Ridge is mature and refined, wise yet exotic.  The plantation has rooted deeply and is allowed to reach its desired height- often over 5 meters- and the perfectly ripe cherries are delicately harvested by ladder in the traditional style.  At 1550 meters facing the Baru Volcano in the center of the prized Alto Jaramillo region, the exposed westerly orientation is bathed in afternoon sun, injecting an uncommon sweetness into the cherry.  The result is a cup loaded with tropical fruits, bursting with berries and nose-fulls of florals; enriched by a depth and complexity that only comes with age.  After being rewarded with a 9th Place finish in the Geisha Natural category at the 2018 Best of Panama with an overall score of 91.88 pts, the coffee went on to receive $216/lb, the 3rd highest price of the entire auction.  With roots set deep into the mineral rich volcanic terroir, Windy Ridge is a plantation in its prime.

Taking advantage of the drier microclimate of the Palmira region, Fennario is where all of our coffees are taken directly after harvest for processing.  At an elevation of 1150 meters and producing an excellent cup relative to its elevation, Fennario has been producing organic Caturra and Catuai as well as an excess of banana, plantain and citrus since we acquired the farm in 2003.

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