Finca Castelara is located in Jaramillo in the district of Boquete, Chiriquí Province at an altitude of 1700 mts. above sea level.

Surrounded by a rich fauna and huge variety of wild flowers, plants and orchids is a paradise that offers its visitors scenarios that captivate. Its location with breathtaking views of Panama’s highest point, the Barú Volcano, makes it a site of great beauty and unsurpassed landscapes. The permanent singing of the birds flaunting the great diversity of birds that live here is a very special experience. It is also frequently visit by the splendid Quetzal making this place a great experience of nature in its maximum splendor.
Finca Castelara is the product of the vision of Mr. Carlos Castillo Villarreal who in the seventies buys the first estate from Mr. Sebastián Miranda, who was dedicated to the artisan cultivation of coffee which he called “Creole coffee”. Later Don Carlos Castillo continued his dream of buying small neighboring estates to achieve the hectares that would allow a production of high quality coffee in the same privileged soil that this area provides.

Today, his son Carlos Santiago Castillo, his wife Ana Isabel Arauz de Castillo, and their children Ana Isabel, Andreina and Carlos Santiago, follow that dream, captivated by the beauty of the place, passion for the work of the land, the production of coffee and fruit trees, and the tourist destination that becomes Finca Castelara.

In its last participation in the competition “The Best of Panama”, under the name of Finca Carleida our coffee obtained the first position, being considered the best coffee of Panama in this participation.

Today, a large part of the farm has been renovated and new species of quality coffee have been planted. We continue with the production of coffee of the varieties Catuaí, Caturra and Geisha. Most of our crop is from the Catuaí variety, with some areas producing high quality Geisha.

We process harvested coffee up until the drying stage, with emphasis on protecting the environment. For us it is of great importance, the care of natural resources such as water and soil to which we give effective use.

We elaborate our own organic compost of coffee pulp, with the purpose of conditioning the soil and thus improve its development, and stimulating the biological life of the same.

We use the intercropping technique including fruit trees and coffee in our plantations. In the forest area we have preserved tree species with more than a century, such as Mamecillos, Ciguas, Arraiján, Guayabo, among others.

Our vision at Finca Castelara is the production of quality coffee, through best practices with important care in agricultural sustainability, dignifying and recognizing the passionate work of our workers and actors in the coffee production chain and farm crops, orienting our sales to national and international markets.


Contact:  Ana Isabel Castillo