K & R Specialty Coffee was born with the purpose of boosting the “Specialty Coffee” of Boquete and the high areas of cultivation in Panama, being offered to small and large roasters around the world throughout the year and not only in times of harvest, Since roasters love to try new formulas and new varieties, but they want to receive, quickly and expeditiously, the small lots for which they develop a great hobby and with which they can offer their customers an exclusive product and service.

Complying with the highest quality standards from a careful selection of the grains, the profile of the cup, a packaging that must at all times preserve the quality and characteristics of the same in its primary and secondary packaging and taking care at all times Logistics for the timely delivery to its destination as a fundamental factor, for which we have suppliers or world-class companies committed to customer service that are contributing to our commitment of quality from its origin.

Today we are the fourth and fifth generation of the Ruiz family, Boqueteños, dedicated to the development of the coffee industry in Panama; During the last 5 years, we have been exploring developing this niche, strengthening our brands and varieties of which is distinguished as the best “specialty coffee” in the world. For the connoisseurs, we offer the window of opportunity that they acquire the best lots of specialty coffee in the area of ​​origin with due rest that for the industry and the producer, making of the specialty coffee industry a sustainable operation, that generates wealth in the community.

To obtain the best final product, we work with the producer from the grain harvest and throughout his process to obtain a product of the best quality by executing quality controls to ensure the quality of our products.

In order to preserve the product with all its intrinsic, physical, and chemical characteristics such as aroma, moisture, shock, color; Vacuum packed with a controlled atmosphere is required, using environmentally friendly packaging.


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